PORTFOLIO - Photography

Been photographing since the age of 11.

When I turned 13 I got my first camera, a  Nikon D5200. Been using my family’s camera, a Nikon D7200, and bought my own full format camera 2018, Canon 6D mkII.

Most commonly I take landscape, portrait and live scene photographs.


Feel welcome to add me on Instagram for more pictures or send me an email for collaboration or interest!

During my senior year of high school I made a project named “Glansdagar”, a project based on the song “La Belle Époque” by Kent which the lyrics I analyzed and took photos based on my reflections from the song. 

(None of the people in the pictures are affected by these social problems I establish in the pictures what I am aware of.)


La belle Epoque - Project 

Jag är halvåret av mörker i landet som Gud glömde

(I am half the year of darkness in the land that God forgot)


Hidden and invisible.

Hidden, invisible and guilty for everything

Jag är anonyma kommentarer
(I am the anonymous comments)

In my interpretation I chose that it is the person behind the comments that is pictured. The character in the picture believes itself to be invisible. From one side it is invisible, but on the other side it exists a person with real feelings who expresses offensive opinions.

I asked my model to think about regrets. I didn't want it to be dramatic, but something that can be seen in her eyes if you take a closer look. I finished the picture in photoshop to get the effect of her disappearing on the other side of the twig; An icon for anonymous comment.

Even if you think you are anonymous, you still left traces of you ... You can never be completely anonymous.

Jag är dem som går genom rutan

(I am the one who goes through the “box”)

This is a photagraph in the pre-stadium,

please scroll down to see the result. 

Jag är dimman i minneslunden

(I am the fog in the memory grove)

A time to disappear for a moment from the reality and float away in thoughts.

From being like an anchor looking for a fix in everyday life, to finding a meeting place for disappointment, despair and lack.

Jag är tårgas i handväskan

(I am the tear gas in the purse)

The person in the picture is my friend Emelie. I wanted to get a feeling in the picture similar to uncomfortable and crowded. That someone is watching you and a reminder that the tear gas is in the purse. It is there, like it is in hibernation.

Waiting to be used because someone will jump on you if you walk alone in the dark.

You know that. The shape that is watching you knows that too.

Jag är dem som går genom rutan

(I'm the one who goes through the “box”)

“I"am the one who was involved in something horrible. Someone who carries a story and with his grief flushes over those on the other side of the screen listening or watching as the story is released.

I chose to keep the background black because I thought it had a more dramatic effect. In the box itself I have added tones of dark blue to give it a more mysterious looking.

Jag är de snabba SMS:s lånen

(I am the fast payday loans)

Something so simple and so easy to get hold of, and that can make your life turn upside down in a second. An evil circle that only gets wider and wider.

Jag är självmordsstatistiken

(I am the suicide statistic)

They are champions of hiding the thoughts that scrapes against their foreheads every day.

When they disappear and have failed to get out of the swamp, it is easily seen by society that they are selfish towards family and friends.

Suicide statistics are, according to many, a number that we do not hear much about. But they are not just a number. They are people we have seen and maybe talked to.
People who are lonely, inadequate or that feels that this is it. Nothing else to live for.

The feeling I wanted to convey is that you are not alone. You are never alone. There are always people who listen and think about you. Even after life. Today we are bad in Sweden at talking about mental health, and to doing something about it.

I wantet to bring the feeling that he could soon become a number. A number in a suicide statistics. The starry sky also gives the feeling that there is something beautiful on the other side. Something you should not be afraid of.

Warior - Project 

"Warior" is a project I made with a purpose to recreate Annie Leibovitz photograph of the character Cosette from the movie (and musical) LES MISERABLES.

The streinght and bravery in Cosette was a few of the key words I wanted to establish in the shot. 

Model: Rebecca Billger

From North to South