PORTFOLIO - Game Design & Art

 Graphic student at Högskolan i Skövde since August 2017. 

Cateau, Lemon Curd Games

Cateau is a visual novel set in the ever famous city of Paris.  A story of humanity, compassion, and yes, cats.

Cateau started as a school project and was made together with 14 other students from different disciplines at the University of Skövde: music, sound, game writing, design, graphic, and programming.

During the project I worked as a Joint Lead Graphic Designer together with Sanna Franzon. Except working as a leader for the graphic team I also made graphic material for the game. The graphic material I made for the game Cateau was 3D scenes that got used as base for the backgrounds in the game. As well I did line art and flat coloring for several scenes. 

Fun fact: I am the voice behind the lemon and for all the cats in the game.


- Winner of the SGA Best Execution in Narrative award 2018

- Nominee for the SGA Best Execution in Art award 2018

- Nominee for SAGA Award 2018

Cateau is available completely for free on both PC and Android!
Click here to get the game on Steam
Click or tap here to get the game on Google Play

  ”A great narrative makes us want to see what comes next, and this game keeps you immersed. You belong in a small context, but it makes you want to see more, and we’re excited to see where this game can go. It’s adorable, it’s charming, it’s beautiful.” – Swedish Game Awards 2018

Lemoncurd Games website: www.lemoncurdgames.com

Art Project - Believable

“Believable” is an art project I made with purpose to recreate a cartoon character in a more realistic way.




Softwares used: Blender, Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop

In Nordqvist's illustrations small figures are added, also called “Mucklor”. I recreated one of these, you can find it in the book “Tuppens Minut" (1996).
I do not own the concept of the cartoon character I used as a reference for the character. All that credit goes to Sven Nordqvist, a Swedish artist who made the famous series of “Pettson & Findus”. 


I started the project by making a high topolized body of the “Muckla” in the software Blender. By placing out the bigger muscle groups and make the silhouette of the character I could focus on the small muscle groups to make it look realistic. Because the character has a mouth that takes half of the body and has no clarified neck, references from hippopotamus and kangaroo were used.
The character got thereafter smoothout to make it look more appealing. The second phase of the project involved retopologizing (in Blender) to make it usable. Thereafter I rigged and weight painted the character which made it possible for the character to show more signs of life. I made the textures in Substance Painter.

Nordqvist, S. (1996). Tuppens minut, Bromma: Opal AB. (ISBN: 978-91-7270-783-2)

Hot Green Bean

Goal:​ Create an eco friendly coffee house; ​Create a concept,  Develop a logo for it, and make a 3D artifact of the coffee house. 

I had some key words for the project to follow so the product/artifact would have a fulfilled idea and plan. The key words I used was:

Modern, Eco-Friendly, Green, Enjoyable, and Warm. 

Softwares used:


Autodesk Maya

Substance Painter


The fictional café Hot Green Bean is a coffee house placed in Singapore. The  coffee house has the main focus of being as eco friendly and green  as possible, even if it is in the middle of the city.

Logo Process

In the making of the logo I used some advice to make the name of the logo to match the idea:

  • Keep it simple
  • Look speciality beverages
  • Use adjectives
  • Use a theme

The name came to be Hot Green Bean based on the organic, warm and modern feeling I wanted to symbolize the coffee house with.

By asking different people which one they prefered of the logos and them giving feedback, a final logo could be made.  

Final Logo - Logo on the products from

the cafe

Final Logo - Logo on the Cafe



I made a module system for the walls, roof and counters.  
Consequences: Fast texturing and easy to rebuild the building. Negative: Easily spaces between the the wall objects if they are not completely side to side, also a risk for overlapping in textures which makes it non-seamless.



Are you ready for a Swedish fika? Or actually, who isn’t? Enjoy!

Pop art- Semla

Triangles: 3.3k Vertices: 1.7k
Softwares used: Zbrush, Autodesk Maya, Photoshop

I made the high poly dessert in Zbrush to get the crisp and the look of realism. The next step in the process was to export the Swedish semla to Autodesk maya and retopologize  and bake it. I used photoshop to texture the model in is natural base colors. I wanted to experiment with the result so I took the project a step further and made a pop-art style of the semla. 

BlueBerries/Bog Billberries


Triangles: 3.7k Vertices: 2.1k

Softwares used: Autodesk Maya, Substance painter

Blueberry aka. “Blåbär” / Bog Bilberries aka. “Odon”.
I mean, who doesn’t like the color and flavor of a blueberry?

A taste of Chocolate

“Life is like a box of chocolates,   you never know what you’re gonna get.” - Forrest Gump

Triangles: 4.2k  Vertices: 2.8k

Softwares used: Blender (Modelling), Autodesk Maya (Uv-Mapping), Substance Painter (Texturing & Rendering)

About the game

Swedish Meatballs is a light-hearted party game take on the classic third-person shooter, where up to four players take each other on using meatball-firing weapons, seeking to control the objective in order to score points.

Controls and gameplay would be immediately familiar to any fan of the genre, while the focus on fast-paced, casual fun allows even the most inexperienced of gamers to have a blast, while a grappling hook and dash creates mobile, engaging gameplay.

Setting this game apart from other shooters is its unique premise and presentation. In a world where the sport of firing meatballs at each other, not entirely dissimilar to paintball, has exploded into a global phenomenon, the Swedish Meatball circuit is its equivalent to football's Premier League. While fighting for the control point, players will be regaled with the rather unique utterances of the commentator duo, supplying anything from state-of-the-game information to tangents & banter.

My role in the project

Swedish Meatballs was made together with 14 other students from different disciplines at the University of Skövde: music, sound, game writing, design, graphic, and programming.
My role in the project was mainly Graphic Lead, but also Deputy Project Manager. 

The graphic materials I made for the game was UI and assets for the game. Example of this is the game studios logo that is shown below.

The game got noticed in several channels of public media, such as regional television and local papers.

Golden Hour

Triangles: 13.5k Vertices: 4k

Softwares used: Maya, Photoshop

Uploaded at Sketchfab